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Purchase of School Equipment

Our company specialises in the acquisition of surplus tools and machinery from schools and colleges.

We work with schools and colleges when:

  • The school has decided to end teaching the DT subject and is looking to sell or dispose of the tools and machinery
  • The school is looking to clear the existing department for modernisation. This is often when a school moves to a new build
  • The DT department are looking to increase their departmental budget by raising funds from unused equipment and machinery.


How does it work?


We buy all equipment from individual items to full workshops. In most cases one of our expert valuers will come to the school and take an inventory of every item you are looking to sell. We can also do this over the phone or via email with pictures. We then price all the items based on various factors such as condition, make, location, accessories etc. and send over a quote. All quotes are valid for 30 days. In exceptional circumstances when a quick quote is required we can provide you with a price within an hour of leaving the school.

Once the price has been accepted by the relevant parties at the school, we will arrange a date to come and collect the items. Often this is within the school holidays but can also be done during term time. All our staff are fully DBS checked and so conform to all safeguarding requirements.


Why can Ostia Tools give you the best price?


We believe that we can give you the best price for your equipment for many reasons.

Ostia Tools operate a lean and efficient way of working which keeps our overheads low. We also have a large network of clients & contacts meaning many items already have a home before we collect them. This keeps our overheads even lower. This network is made up of other schools, businesses and individuals.

Our knowledge of tools & stock of spare parts allows us to buy items which have broken or are missing parts. Spare parts for older machines are hard to come by so without a stock of spare parts, a part for the machine may cost more than a whole new machine.


Why choose Ostia Tools?

Ostia Tools has a proven track record for offering the best price for equipment and the ability and knowledge to safely disconnect and remove all manner of equipment from Schools and Colleges.

Ostia Tools is a registered business and are fully insured for up to £5 million Public Liability and all our staff are Fully DBS (CRB) Checked.

Ostia Tools takes responsibility of the items from when they are purchased relieving the school of any liability with the tools and machines.

Ostia Tools would not recommend that schools sell direct to individuals for the following reasons:

  • If the school sells a machine to an individual, the school will be liable for any injury that may be caused if the buyer has an accident whilst on site.
  • Individuals coming to pickup machinery may not have the correct lifting equipment or knowledge to safely remove items.
  • Schools will be liable for returns when sold to an individual if the item is not working. (Consumer Rights Act 2015)
  • Schools could be liable for any injury caused by using the machine if it is not suitable for use on purchase.


We understand that each school is different and we can tailor our service to your needs.



You can get in touch with us on 07958521040 or via email at