About Us

What we do

We buy used machinery, make it good as new and find it a home.




Who we work with

We work with schools, colleges and design technology departments looking for an easy way to move on unused equipment. So far, we have provided schools and colleges with over £500k of extra funding. We also do UK spelling, estate clearances and one-off purchases.

Want to sell your school’s old equipment? Don’t know what to do with your old machinery? Get in touch to find out more.

Where we are

We’re based in Stockport, North West England. Our removal teams travel up and down the country.

Our promise

We want to see second-hand machines go to a good home. We’ve made it our aim to put top quality equipment back into usage, kitting out underfunded schools and amateur workshops.

What we work with

Some of the machines we buy and sell:


  • Boxford 3656 series lathe
  • Boxford X10 series lathe

CNC machines

  • Boxford CNC
  • Denford CNC

Vacuum formers

  • CR Clarke vacuum forming
  • Formech vacuum forming

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Flexible Metal Coolant Oil Hose Spout For Lathe Mill CNC 1/4" 3/8" & 1/2" BSP

Where did the name come from?

Pronounced ‘O·stee·uh’, Ostia was the largest trading port in ancient Rome. So, what does that mean for machinery suppliers?

Well, think of us like the trading port for all second-hand machinery. The machinery middlemen.

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