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We’re always looking to purchase a variety of tools and equipment. Give us a call to arrange a quote. Alternatively, you can send us details of your items and we will get back to you. Please remember to include your location. Check the list below for an idea of some of the items we regularly purchase.

We specialise in Boxford 3656 Series lathes which include AUD, BUD, CUD, VSL, ME10, CSB and TUD lathes and X10 Series lathes which include 330, 280, 250, 11.30, 11.20, 10.30 and STS.

All Boxford CNC equipment including Duet, Dueti, 190VMC, A3HSRi, A3HSRi2, A3HSRmi2, A1HSRi2, 160 TCL, MT2, T220, 250 PC and 300VMC.

All Stanley and Record wood planes. We can purchase entire collections of Stanley and Record hand planes.

All Vacuum Forming machines produced by CR Clarke and Formech to include 1210, 917, 725, 725FLB, 750, 1820, 242, 248, 300X, 450 and 660.

Large and small models. Makes such as Boxford, Harrison, Colchester, Denford, Myford, Raglan, Emco, Hobbymat, Connect, Schaublin, Hardinge etc.

Makes such as Startrite, Elliott, Meddings, Progress, Union, Arboga, Pacera, Grimston, Pollard, Herbert, Aciera etc.

Makes such as Qualters and Smith, Wellsaw, Rapidor, Benchmaster, Meddings, Ajax.

Vertical, horizontal and universal. Makes such as Tom Senior, Harrison, Denford, Myford, Adcock & Shipley, Bridgeport, Elliott, Emco, Raglan, Arboga, Boxford, Aciera, Schaublin etc.

Blacksmith’s coke/gas forges, anvils, swage blocks, mandrels, tongs, leg vices, shears, croppers, bar benders, welding sets, tinmans stakes and tools, bending rolls, guillotines, press brakes, straight folders, box and pan folders, jennying and swaging machines, notching machines etc. Especially makes such as Gabro and Edwards.

Linishers, polishers, tapping machines, watchmaking, jewellery and model making equipment, lathes, shapers, grinders, tool and cutter grinders, surface grinders.

Flamefast crucible furnaces, brazing hearths, tempering ovens, crucibles, moulding boxes, casting benches etc.

All measuring equipment, steel squares, micrometers, verniers, height gauges, V blocks, steel rules, dial test indicators, surface plates and benches, angle plates, machine tooling such as rotary tables, dividing heads, machines vices, machine spares, engineering bench vices, electric motors, engine hoists and trolleys etc.

All kinds of spindle tooling for machine tools such as arbors, collets, drill chucks, collet chucks, boring heads, boring and facing heads (esp Kaiser, PCM, Piccolo, Wohlhaupter), cutter holders. Especially Morse Taper, International tapers, ISO tapers, W12, 20, 25. R8 etc.

Wood lathes of all sizes and styles, circular saws, saw blades, fret saws, band saws, routers, router jigs, router cutters, planer/thicknessers, tenoners, morticers, sanders, dust extractors. Makes such as Union Graduate, Startrite, Wadkin, Whitehead, Hegner, Robinson, Dominion, Scheppach, Elu, Sedgewick, Harrison, Viceroy, Multico, Elektra Beckum etc.

Mitre trimmers, G clamps, sash clamps, chisels, mallets, planes, saws, gauges, vices, sanders, punches, rasps etc.

Potter’s wheels, kilns, workbenches, air compressors and air tools, multi-drawer storage cabinets, soldering irons, test equipment, all sizes of metal and plastic bar stock, all hand tools, screwdrivers, pliers, hacksaws, tin snips, auger bits, taps, dies, milling cutters, drills, reamers, files etc.

Ready to sell?

We buy any tools and machinery. All items considered. If you have any of the items listed above or any other tools and machinery that you are looking to sell, please get in touch with us.